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Beautify for the Holidays: We Have Botox and Dermal Fillers

Holidays are fast approaching, and we all want to look our best at the dozens of parties we’re expected to attend. It’s this time of year when patients seek a quick solution to feeling younger, fresher, and more vibrant than ever. Botox® blasts away those wrinkles and fine lines, and dermal fillers delete crows feet and even plump up your lips for a New Year’s Eve smooch.

Dr. Bhavani Jeereddy is an expert in helping her patients feel their very best. Aesthetic services at Kenilworth Primary Care in Kenilworth, New Jersey, include Botox injections and dermal fillers to beautify you for the holidays. Dr. Jeereddy will smooth out your frown lines and forehead wrinkles with this quick, non-invasive outpatient treatment option.

What are dermal fillers?

Apparently, many people love taking selfies but hate looking at them. We want you to feel excellent about taking a selfie and loving it afterward. Dermal fillers will change your mind. They add volume to places on your face that have lost collagen or fat, which happens naturally as we age. 

A dermal filler will fill in all those wrinkles and plump up lines and creases, leaving your skin looking radiant and youthful. This treatment is a great pre-holiday, surgery-free option that can last up to a whole year. The injection is affordable, and Dr. Jeereddy will have you in and out so quick you can even schedule an appointment on your lunch break. 

What is Botox?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox injections have gone up 845% since the year 2000. It’s so safe and quick, that it’s become hugely popular and even commonplace. Botox is a little different from dermal fillers, although it is also an injectable treatment. 

Botox blocks nerve signals, which forces facial muscles to relax. So, all those forehead wrinkles get smoothed away. It’s also great for frown lines and crow’s feet. The treatment is so simple and pain-free, it doesn’t even require numbing or anesthesia. Your Botox results can last up to six months, and it’s another quick in-and-out procedure. 

Consider a Botox or dermal filler treatment

We’re coming up on a month that is filled with social events that demand excellence. We have to buy the perfect gifts, bake lots of food to share, and look fantastic in photos. It’s the ideal time of the year for a much-needed confidence boost.

Erase holiday fatigue 

The end of every year is capped off with a month or more of go-go-go. We get tired, exhausted, and this weariness shows on our face. Holiday preparations can cause visible signs of tiredness. A lack of sleep shows through dark circles under the eyes or sagging skin. Stress and frequent social exposure promote the need for us to look flawless. Botox or dermal fillers can perk you up, and you’ll look like you’ve turned back the hands of time in all your photos this year from just one session with Dr. Jeereddy.


Think about how much you spend per year or per month on special cleansers, moisturizers, makeup, and more. Getting a Botox or dermal filler injection is undoubtedly more affordable than lots of overpriced cosmetics that clutter your bathroom.

It’s safe

Botox has been safely used by patients since 1989. It’s an effective, risk-free way to manage unwanted wrinkles. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes both Botox and dermal fillers as medical devices that safely improve appearance by wrinkle reduction and providing fuller, smoother skin.

Don’t be afraid of the camera this holiday season. Both Botox and dermal fillers can strengthen your self-esteem and improve your confidence. If you’d like to talk to Dr. Jeereddy about your options, call today, or make an appointment with our convenient online scheduling tool. 

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