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Hyperlipidemia Specialist

Bhavani Jeereddy, MD -  - Board Certified Internist

Kenilworth Primary Care

Bhavani Jeereddy, MD

Board Certified Internist & Clinical Lipidology Specialist located in Kenilworth, NJ

Hyperlipidemia, or high cholesterol, is a serious health problem that can lead to numerous adverse outcomes. For men and women living in or around Kenilworth, New Jersey, the care of Bhavani Jeereddy, MD, of Kenilworth Primary Care is an essential part of bringing hyperlipidemia under control and living a healthy, fulfilling life. Learn more with a one-on-one physical exam, with scheduling available online or over the phone.

Hyperlipidemia Q & A

What causes hyperlipidemia?

Researchers believe there’s a genetic component to hyperlipidemia, but lifestyle choices also play a significant role. Your body creates all the cholesterol you need, but you also take in extra cholesterol from the foods you consume. 

Cholesterol levels also rise with age. Because high cholesterol doesn’t produce distinct symptoms, routine screening is needed to assess your levels and determine when to take action.

Why is high cholesterol a health risk?

When your cholesterol levels rise, your body can’t always process and eliminate the excess. Those lipids have to go somewhere, and they often build up on the walls of your blood vessels. Cholesterol is naturally sticky, which makes it easy for small pieces to clump together, mich like the fat you see in your dishwater or congealed on pots and pans. 

When your arteries become clogged with cholesterol, your blood can’t flow properly, and your cells become starved for the oxygen and nutrients they need to thrive. High cholesterol increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. 

What can be done to treat hyperlipidemia?

Dr. Jeereddy creates a customized plan to get your cholesterol closer to healthy levels. In some cases, medication can help by reducing the amount of cholesterol your body produces naturally. 

Some drugs block dietary cholesterol from being absorbed by your intestines. Another type of drug therapy binds to your bile to prevent it from aiding your digestion. Your body reacts by using more cholesterol for manufacturing new bile, bringing your overall cholesterol level down. 

Lifestyle changes can also go a long way toward improving high cholesterol. Dr. Jeereddy can teach you ways to change your diet and increase your activity levels to lower your cholesterol and prevent further buildup. 

When you’re ready to begin, call, or use the online booking page to schedule a visit at Kenilworth Primary Care.